About Us

Join our community of daddies and the men who support them to experience an awesome journey for your mind, body, and spirit

Daddy Retreat is a Bodywork and Alternative Healing Center for Men

 We at Daddy Retreat realize that as we age we still have needs and the art of touch and alternative healing becomes even more important. Being a part of a community of like minded individuals, joining workshops/ events and connecting helps to keep our personal growth and over all well being.

Why you should become a member

  • As a member you will have access to a wide array of healing services from massage to energy, acupuncture to fitness, learning workshops to social events.
  • We are a one stop shop of all your healing needs.
  • Like anything else in life knowing quality of service is paramount and we provide feedback so you know you are getting the best use of your time and hard earned money.
  • Our group discussion boards will keep you up to date on future workshops, events and also provide beneficial information in the healing world.
  • Connect with others, create friends list and be able to talk and discuss as a community, making Daddy Retreat your own.
  • As a Daddy it’s great to connect with others that understand what it feels like as we age and to be appreciated.
  • Discounts for services, workshops and events encourage you to take care of your mind, body and spirit while saving you money at the same time.