Healing John

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Expert Body & Energy Work

I am a certified Reiki Master  and a Body Electric School Alumni. I have been doing integrated bodywork for over five years. I have a very unique form of body / energy work tailored to your specific needs.  Working  from my heart chakra I have a keen sense of your needs, physical, emotional and spiritual. The main focus of my work is energy work focused on energy exchange between us.   Through a combination of my strong talented hands and expert breath work you will awaken your chakras and get the energy flowing.

In addition, I have been studying the use of crystals and their healing properties. You may choose to have crystals integrated into your session or a session solely dedicated to crystal / vibrational healing.

Additional elements can be added to enhance the massage experience if you choose.  These include:

Fire and Ice:  Tantric massage combined with hot massage wax, ice and textures
Bonsagge:  Bondage and massage blended together

Regardless of the treatment that you choose, you will walk away from your experience, relaxed, rejuvenated, and feeling reconnected with your body and spirit.

I am currently studying to become a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and have been taking classes related to nutritional supplements and their appropriate use.  We currently offer Premium Nutritional Labs supplements for purchase through 3F Studios.  I am available to provide nutritional counseling and assistance with the appropriate product purchase.