Workshops We Offer:

⭐️ Massage Workshops

Learn the Art of giving a sensuous, deeply therapeutic and balancing massage. Meet others in a safe and fun environment while getting a better appreciation of your body and sexuality. Here are the titles of some workshops/events check in RSVP page to see upcoming and what they include: Daddy and Son, Top Delight, Tantric Bliss, Tantric Thai, Tantric Edging, Touch in Darkness, Nuru Massage, Couples Massage, All hands on D*ck, Erotic Twist with Antonio, Sensuous Flow, Nude Stretching 101, Flogging 101, Bonssage 101, and Voyeur Exhibition.

Fit Warrior

Combining body weight, kettle bells and using our own strength in partner work to create exercises that are unique, fun and effective. This class also has a nude based version to allow for  freeing experience. Taught by Aaron Rodriguez via The Arena Fit.

⭐️ Yoga

Variety of styles as well as nude versions will be offered. Varied instructors from both The Arena Fit and Daddy Retreat.

⭐️ Ollom Floor Series

Gain flexibility, balance, poise, strength and grace in an open and supportive exercise class. This core development exercise program goes beyond a standard abdominal class to strengthen the core muscles that are central to any movement.

⭐️ Meditation

Introduction to guided meditation - and movement in the meditation process. Crystals and their healing power: Introduction to crystals their various characteristics and how they are used to free and open up the chakras. Led by John Williford.

⭐️ Acupuncture for Skeptics

We will discuss the autonomic nervous system and how ti compare to Yin/Yang theory and other systems of Chinese Medicine. The discussion will focus on scientific research on the physiological effects of Acupuncture and Gingong. Sone strategies for using the breath and acupressure to reduce stress and improve a sense of well-being will be demonstrated. Taught by Richard Hazel.

⭐️ Fix Your Back Pain and Sciatic
80-90% of back pain and sciatica is caused by muscles.  Soothing as inexpensive as a foam roller or lacrosse ball might be all you need to relieve your back pain and get back to doing what you love and feeling adventurous and happy again. In this workshops we will explain the most common muscular causes of low back pain and sciatic and will demonstrate how you can treat them yourself. Taught by Richard Hazel.

⭐️ Self Care for Athletes
We will discuss and explain the primary causes of knee pain, hip pain and heel pain and will demonstrate ways to self-treat to prevent and alleviate these issues. Runners, cyclists, dancers and other athletes who rely heavily on their lower body need to understand what can go wrong so it can be avoided and treated fast. Taught by Richard Hazel.

Upcoming Workshops:

Please sign up for free to view upcoming schedule and RSVP for the workshops/events you want to attend. Join Email list to see all promos for workshops, events and parties, email *Note you have to create a meetup profile first before joining the group. 

Every Wed we have both Yoga at 6:30pm and Nude Warrior Fit at 7:45pm, (check on weekly basis as one could be cancelled on that particular week.

Jan 2017

Fri 13th 8pm Flogging 101 - Play Time!

Sat 14th Bonssage 101 - Bondage meets Sensual Touch!

Tue 17th Nude Stretch Time 101 - Sensuous Fun and Flexibility!

Thu 19th - Thrilling Group Event


Sign up for free to see schedule and RSVP for the ones you want to attend. *Note You need to create a meetup profile before joining group.